“Collaborative Support for a growing industry”.


An association created to provide business solutions to the junior mining sector & to develop ‘fit for purpose’ solutions to client specifications and requirements.

Like-minded companies and individuals come together with rich experience in a wide field of mining-related matters including:

  • Mining Operations & Projects
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Environmental Research
  • Waste Management
  • Technical Design
  • Human Resource Consultancy





Purpose of JMA

Why Become a Member 

  • Access to industry specialist in a wide range of disciplines;
  • Assist with development of junior mining companies through specialist services;
  • Ongoing support with new developments in the mining industry including legislative requirements and compliance;
  • Support in maintaining security of tenure for junior minors.

The primary focus is currently on the Southern African junior mining sector.

Aim to provide fit for purpose business solutions for the junior mining companies, cost effective solutions that are tailored to the clients  specific requirements.

Enable and promote the growth of the junior mining sector in Southern Africa.

Our Services

Mining Technical Services

  • Operational & Business Studies
  • Due Diligence & Feasibility Studies
  • Mine Planning
  • Surveying

Legal & Commercial Services

  • Mineral Rights Management & Advice
  • Compliance
  • Legal Risk Management
  • Commercial Mining Agreements

Human Resources

  • Human Capital Consultancy
  • HR & Business Technology System
  • Continuous Learning
  • Health & Safety

Environmental ManagementServices

  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Design & Rehabilitation

Technical Design

  • Engineering design
  • Processing & delivering technical data
  • Site & field data capturing by using high end technology & equipment

About our EXCO

RBI Tech

RBI Technical Solutions International provides the service of an independent Authorized Inspection Authority (AIA) for Electrical Installations.


Mingeomet International provides operational, technical and advisory services to the mining industry with a specific focus on servicing the junior mining sector. Mingeomet recognises that the ‘one size fits all’ approach is no longer a valid solution for the junior mining sector. 


We provide Human Capital solutions with focus on technology that makes daily handling of your staff information much simpler, by automating and streamlining all your day to day HR tasks. 

We focus on the full Employee Life Cycle within your company.


HEFFERMAN ATTORNEYS is one of South-Africa’s leading full-service boutique law firms with over 30 years of relevant experience and attorneys who each specialize in a niche area of law practice.

The Waste Group

The Waste Group specializes in the reduction, recycling, removal, reclamation, treatment and reporting of waste generated in all industries such as the domestic, industrial, commercial, medical, municipal and mining sectors.


The INMISO CONSULTING blueprint is made up of “Integrated Mining Solutions”.

The result of our core fundamentals allows for us to provide a fit-for-purpose, multi-disciplinary legal counsel and a single point of entry to meet all the requirements in a complex and highly regulated industry.


TTS Consulting & Design strives to utilise less human interaction and more technology when execution inspections and fabrication to ensure a safer working environment, more accurate deliverables and faster delivery.


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